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Are wills expensive?

Depending on the type of Will you want and the complexity of it the price may vary. For a simple Will the prices are around £200 + VAT

Can an executor of the Will be a beneficiary?

Yes, they can

Can I write a will for my parents?

Unfortunately you can not write a Will for your parents. A Will reflects wishes of the person for whom the Will is being made for without any influence from anyone else.

Can my beneficiaries be a witness for my Will?

Any beneficiaries in your Will can not witness you signing it. If they do witness your Will, they will disinherit themselves.

What happens to my Will when I die?

The executor of your Will, will need to contact the solicitor. They will offer help and guidance to execute the Will if needed. 

Can I use my Will to save Inheritance Tax?

It is important to understand if the estate exceeds the Inheritance Tax threshold which is currently £325,000 for an individual.

On average the exemptions that are available are mainly if you leave your estate to your spouse or civil partner, registered charities or major political parties. Leaving your estate to anyone else may result in Inheritance Tax liability. 

why should i make a will?

There are many reasons why you should make a will. I will list some reasons below, but there may be more benefits depending on your situation.

– If you die without a will and no family, your estate will get given to the government.

– If you have children under the age of 18, the only way to legally decide what happens to them is by writing a will.

– If you are unmarried, your partner will not receive anything unless you put a will in place.

– It is the most efficient way to make sure your family are protected and there is no added confusion or upset when you pass away.

what happens if i die without a will

If you pass away without a will it is called dying intestate. If you die intestate you can run into some different problems like: 

– It is not automatic that your assets will go to your wife or husband which could leave them in serious financial difficulties.

– You cannot save on tax if you do not have a will.

– Claims by other beneficiaries may mean that the family home will have to be sold. 





why should i choose a solicitor to write my will?

There are websites which let you write your own will at a cheaper price, however we have seen time after time that these result in difficulties. 

There are a lot of will writers that are not solicitors however these organisations are unregulated and many of the people working there can be unqualified to advise you on the information you need.  

where do i keep my will documents?

You can keep it with us.