New laws involving witnessing wills on video

cinema, movie, camera
cinema, movie, camera

Since the start of this year, many new ways of life have been trialed due to the covid-19 pandemic. For a lot of us, this means we have been forced in positions we never thought we would be in. In some cases this has been a benefit and in other cases a disadvantage. For us here at Crane and Faris, a temporary new legalisation on video witnessing wills has been put in place by the government meaning that wills can now be witnessed by video as long as clear audio and video is displayed. This means that you can record using facetime and zoom, making it easier to make your final wishes during the corona virus pandemic. This will start in September 2020 and the change will remain in place until 31st Janurary 2022. 


So surely there will be some potential problems with this- right? The answer is yes. One problem being that somebody could be standing behind the camera influencing the testator to make different decisions. Another issue is that a physical document needs to be passed from the testator to the two witnesses which could pose a threat to people who are self iscolating or vunerable to getting covid-19. 


Although this change has some disadvantages, it will be significantly easier to create a will and we will welcome the idea. However, it should only be used as a last resort and include sufficiently robust checks in order to minimise the risk of fraud and influence. 

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