Probate refers to the legal and financial process of dealing with the property, money, and possessions of a person who has died.

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Here at Crane and Faris our solicitors have a considerable amount of experience in helping people who need wills, probate, tax and trusts. Nobody can predict when they’re going to pass, which is why talking to us sooner rather than later is always best. It’s something nobody wants to talk about, but we’ve handled hundreds of cases, so know what to expect and how to handle even the most unique cases with professionalism and quality. 

What is probate?

Probate is the financial and legal process in which property, money and possessions of a person who has passed away gets organised. 

Before the next of kin or beneficiaries named in the will can use the property, money or assets of the deceased, you will need to apply for probate. When probate is granted, the people stated in the deceased persons will can begin dealing with the deceaseds assets in accordance to their will. If the deceased dies without a will, the assets will be distributed in accordance to the laws of intestacy, which are the laws laid out by the government that decide where the assets of the deceased will go. 

is probate needed if the deceased person has a will?

The process of probate doesn’t have anything to do with the will, it is to do with the financial situation of the person who has passed away. If this person has under £5000 probate might not be needed. 

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