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Here at Crane & Faris we strive to make it our duty to help people in all aspects of life. We want to educate as many people as possible and be sure they  are given all the information necessary to understand what happens to their assets when they pass. We regularly hold presentations at several communal locations and are also available to travel to your home to answer any questions you may have or advice you may want. 

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At Crane and Faris we strive to raise awareness of the importance of Wills within our community. In many occasions the absence of a Will makes affairs difficult for the  individuals family upon their death. Additionally to grieving they are having to sort out  the estate, as well as extra costs such as funeral charges and solicitor fees.

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If you own or have a share in a business it is essential that you have a will. If you don’t upon your death your shares could be sold , the business could fall apart due to poor management and all your hard work could potentially go to waste. Both your personal and business assets will then get distributed under the intestacy law, meaning  legislation will decide where your assets go. 

At Crane & Faris we intend to inform and help you understand the consequences of not having a will and create a document that will help endorse your wishes upon your death.

“The Muslim man has no right to spend two nights, if he has something for which a will should be made, without having a written will with him.” Sahih 

It is stated in several Hadiths the importance of having a Will. It is also stated in Surah An-Nisa that ones who execute it with the Islamic Law of Inheritance carries the potential for great blessing and mercy from our Creator.

At Crane and Faris we provide expert knowledge on the ruling of Islamic Will Writing and will ensure that your Will, will be Shariah compliant.

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There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney.                          

Health and Welfare, which gives your appointed attorneys management over medical decisions/treatment, as well as housing and social service issues.    
Property and Finances , this gives your appointed attorneys authority to deal with your property and finances involving paying bills, operating your bank account, collecting income etc.

Your appointed attorneys should be people you trust as they will be acting on your behalf and with your best interest at heart.

We are highly qualified legal professionals with experience in a range of sectors. Known for our professionalism and knowledge, we are always keen to hear from prospective clients. Whatever the matter at hand, we are here to handle it efficiently and with excellence.

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